Personal Branding

An extraordinary self-transformation experience

Coach Professionnel au travail_Kyria Chun-yin Dagorne

Kyria, a “dare-to-dream” Professional Coach

My passion is to accompany International Managers & Entrepreneurs with Professional Coaching and Personal Branding programs. Prior to my coaching business, I worked in brand development marketing with 15 years of international experience in corporates including L’Oréal. I’m obsessed with setting up the process that can turn a creative idea into a beautiful realization — small details can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

I feel extremely rewarded seeing my clients create a fulfilling career with purpose, by leveraging their unique talents, professional skills, and years of experience. Beyond these visible assets, their AUTHENTIC IDENTITY makes each of them truly extraordinary.


The word “Branding” implies an action, an evolution, and a continuous movement. It represents an “added value”that is defined not only by what the brand offers, but also by the experience it provides. Therefore, the brand owner can enjoy the advantages of:
– being differentiated from the masses
– an enriched relationship with the target audience
– a higher perceived value on its offers
– a clearer, more coherent, and more consistent communication
If you…
– want to live with self-differentiation and self-alignment
– want to bravely yet comfortably show the extraordinary you
– desire to find your own way to guide yourself towards your vision
In fact, motivation is the first precious ingredient to cultivate your Personal Brand!
They work differently:
Coaching focuses on the achievement of clients’ objective, and helps clients to become more autonomous and responsible to find their own solutions.
Personal Branding concentrates more on the discovery of a person, in order to help clients being different while being aligned, communicating their “unique added value” to their target audience. It is a global yet strategic program that takes action in both personal and professional domains.

Personal Branding has a larger meaning than Personal Marketing. In Personal Branding, it is important that the client starts the journey from a profound level of self-awareness and the purpose of life, BEFORE producing any communication material. The question is more about “Who am I and how can I manifest my role while offering my particularities as beautiful gifts for other people?” (personal branding) rather than “Which role do I want to fit in and how can I convince other people?” (personal marketing).

Personal Branding is NOT
– exclusive to celebrities
– an identity / public presentation on social media
– a method of self-advertisement
– a superficial way to hide weaknesses
– a psychological & aptitude self-assessment
By experiencing this transformative adventure, you will totally understand.
You want to find your authentic identity but don’t know how to start? You ask yourself how to become more visible and show the world your extraordinary value? You’re not sure if Personal Branding is the best way to achieve your project?
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