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Coach Professionnel au travail_Kyria Chun-yin Dagorne

Kyria Chun-yin DAGORNE

Professional Coach | Personal Branding Coach | Professional Image Consultant


Kyria was born in Taiwan and live in Paris in France. People around her often say that she is an inspiring “dare-to-dream” soul, with creative and entrepreneurial spirit. This image is projected probably by her 15 years of professional activities across various domains such as finance, marketing and consulting, before becoming a Professional Coach.

She has been an expatriate during several years at the headquarter of a big international group in Paris, in charged of brand development and global marketing strategies. She has been also the Marketing Director in a jewelry SME company in collaboration with local boutiques and French entrepreneurs. During years she worked in three languages: French, English, and Chinese. The business trips and working experiences with multicultural teams have nourished a lot her professional evolution. She knows well how much it can be tough but very important for an international manager to FIND HIS/HER RIGHT PLACE in his/her professional environment.

Since one can develop a career through  different activities, Kyria is convinced that it is more interesting to ask this question “who I am” rather than “what I do” when developing oneself professionally.

Therefore, her passion for luxury brand development shifted to the “people-brand development” – A human born unique can shine and contribute to the world with his/her professional achievements. When this person become fully aware of his/her unique identity, talents, values and motivations, he/she can find the right place and work with full energy even in a complex and changing environment.

Since then, Kyria was driven towards the fascinating world of Personal Branding and was trained by Béatrice Cuvelier, the pioneer of Personal Branding in French-speaking countries.

She started accompany people since 2014 as a volunteer in an association for students’ and young professionals’ life, scholar, and professional orientations. Later, she was trained at École de Coaching Cegos for coaching competencies and methods issued from PNL, Karpman, Diilts, positif psychology, etc. This program is accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation), the worldwide gold standard of professional coaching. Today, she is a member of ICF, and practice the competencies, ethics and supervision required by this organization.

➭ Understand the coaching : methodology and modality

Kyria is also certified with 360BRAND Coach and Professional Image consultant. For her, the Personal Branding philosophy “shine with differentiation and self-alignment” reflects well her values of authenticity and exploration in life. Therefore, she created « CMITM Coaching MethodConscience (self awareness)”, “Marque personnelle (personal brand), and “Image professionnelle (professional image) ». She loves to see her clients become more valorized, reinforced, and visible with their extraordinary assets through her service of coaching. Finally, all her expertises and experiences are detonated to accompanying her clients to develop full capacity and to create a new professional life which correspond to their true identities !